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New Years Resolutions

Its that time again. With Christmas seeming like a long time ago, all focus is now set on New Years celebrations. The fireworks are lovely, but they have been going off most nights since Christmas day. Thankfully all our horses and cats don’t get too upset about them, with Willow (cat) and Rio (pony) liking to actually watch them.

With New Year comes one of my favourite traditions, the New Years Resolution(s)!

Half the fun is finding out what other people are doing as their New Years Resolutions, and how attainable they actually are.

So far my little list looks a bit sorry for itself, but I’m sure the process of sitting down and evaluating your life and how you can improve it is more the idea of the resolutions than the resolution itself.

  • Get up earlier.  Now that I’m not working on a yard full time I very rarely leave my bed before 7 am. Certainly in the winter, packing some of my orders before I ride in the daylight would free up some much needed time during the day.
  • Tack Clean more often. I’m sure this one will go hand in hand with waking earlier.
  • Do more for the environment. I’ve got this one covered as I get my supplements in refill packs, or larger quantities (so less packaging) but my aim for this year is to try and help other people see how easy it can be, and how much money it can save you too.
  • Last but not least; set myself a task every day which I have to do. Most of us are really good at thinking about a job that needs doing, and realising that it’s the same job we meant to do last week.

Its sometimes a lot easier to make a resolution to ‘do’ something rather than ‘give up’ something, in part because at the end of it you should have something to show for your hard work.

Most importantly, make resolutions that have half a chance of being successful or fulfilled, and give them your best shot.