Ancol Moulting Comb

MSRP: £4.70
£4.50 £2.25
Ancol Cat Moulting Comb has been specially designed for moulting cats. The long teeth penetrate the coat whilst the shorter,

Andover EcoFlex Bandage – Black

MSRP: £2.50
£2.00 £0.50
This economical, self-adhering bandage is sweat and water resistant and provides protection. It is quick and easy to apply in

Bitz Bandage Tape – Red

£1.95 £0.50
Reduced to clear Limited stock 20 metre roll of tape, for securing boots and bandages

Bitz Bandage Tape – Yellow

£1.95 £0.50
Reduced to clear Limited stock 20 metre roll of tape, for securing boots and bandages

Bitz Compensating Stirrup Treads

White rubber stirrup treads with a sloping design which help to angle the rider’s foot in such a way as

Bitz Folding Hoof Pick

£2.95 £1.50
Metal folding hoof pick. Simple to use and folds away neatly. Put one in your pocket today!

Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment

MSRP: £17.49
£16.95 £12.95
  • Best Before Date - 03.03.2020
  • 500ml

Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment

MSRP: £12.49
£11.95 £8.00
  • Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment - 250ml
  • Best Before Date - 05.04.2019

Coldstream Cornhill Socks (Pack of 3)

MSRP: £16.99
£16.99 £11.95
Spoil yourself with this collection. Available in packs of 3, these socks come in four different colours and have a

Coldstream Fleece Head Collar

MSRP: £17.99
This soft head collar is perfect for everyday use. A wide soft fleece noseband and headband disperses pressure and prevents

Companion Cotton Rope with 2 Knots

MSRP: £1.60
£1.50 £1.00
A traditional rope toy for your dog.

Companion Ultimate Groomer

MSRP: £10.50
£9.95 £7.46
This great product quickly and easily removes dead and loose hair without damaging the coat. Also removes dirt, used daily

Cottage Craft Curb Hooks – Pair

£1.75 £1.00
Pair of hooks to be used in conjunction with a curb chain, for use with kimblewick, pelham and Weymouth bits.

Effol Wonder Sponge – Not quite perfect

MSRP: £3.98
£3.95 £3.25
A little miracle – The Effol Wonder Sponge, due to its vacuum packaging, Can very easily be taken with you

Elico Hexham Duffle Bag Grooming Kit

£7.00 £5.00
Clear duffle bag, drawstring sealed. Contents: Junior Dandy and Body Brush, Sponge, Mane Comb and Glitter Curry Comb.

Elico Ready Tied White Cotton Stock – Medium

MSRP: £8.95
White Cotton Sizes: Small, Medium and Large On the neck the overall length is Small 40cm     (will fit approx 12″

Gallop Ladies Oxford Check Jodhpurs

MSRP: £18.99
£18.95 £13.50
These Oxford Check Jodhpurs are designed with an oxford check upper and a plain seat, making a stylish contrast. With

Gallop Ladies Two Tone Jodhpurs

MSRP: £16.99
£16.95 £13.50
These Two-Tone Jodhpurs are designed to create an eye-catching contrast between the upper and the seat. In a range of

Harlequin Body Brush

MSRP: £4.50
£4.50 £2.25
Colourful general purpose body brush.

Hy Fleece Head Band

MSRP: £4.99
Protect your ears against the chill with this super soft fleece headband! Stylish and practical. Machine washable.

Hy Polo Bandage

MSRP: £10.99
£10.95 £6.00
A high quality, anti-pill, fleece bandage with Velcro fastening. Machine washable. In a handy to store, and keep clean, square

HyCLASS Breastplate

MSRP: £79.99
£78.95 £40.00

Hydrophane Blended Neatsfoot Oil – Dinted Tin

MSRP: £7.80
£7.50 £4.00
Helps to waterproof new and old leather. The gentle penetrating properties are less likely to set in cold temperatures. Tin

Hydrophane Protocon Gold

£14.95 £10.00
For the treatment of skin conditions associated with Mud Fever. For application to the heels and lower legs in wet

HyHealth Sportwrap Bandage

MSRP: £1.62
HyHEALTH Sportwrap is comfortable yet strong, providing a great combination for an extremely high quality bandage tape. Easy to tear,

HyJUMP Lightweight Stirrups

MSRP: £15.75
£14.95 £10.95
These lightweight, shock absorbent stirrups are available in a variety of colours to coordinate with your gear. Featuring a reinforced

HyPERFORMANCE Wavy Children’s Jodhpurs

MSRP: £22.50
£21.95 £15.00
With its wavy bottom and colourful print design this is the jodhpur to be seen in! Feels great looks great

HyRIDER Signature Fleece Bandages

MSRP: £16.99
£16.95 £12.95
High quality fleece bandages with a touch tape fastening. Provides support and protection for the legs while travelling or during

LazyOne Adult Slipper Socks

MSRP: £5.50
£5.50 £3.00
LazyOne socks are cheerful and colourful, adding a little wild side to those that wear them. Made from a durable

LeMieux Combi Bandages – Corn Blue (Pair)

MSRP: £22.50
£21.50 £17.20
The bandages with the best of both! Soft fleece for comfort, followed by a supportive elasticated bandage which offers protection

LeMieux Competition Sock Green (Twin Pack) – Green

MSRP: £12.95
  • The soft closely woven foot gives support and stability
  • Topside seam ensures comfortable toes
  • Micro-weight stretch upper ensure minimal impact on boot fit

LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo – Out of Date

MSRP: £10.95 - £16.95

LeMieux ProSport Support Boot – Coral Red

MSRP: £38.95
£38.95 £25.00
ProSport Support Boots by LeMieux. The best all-round boot for turnout, schooling or competition. Lightweight and protective but allowing flexibility

LeMieux Signature Tartan Head Collars – Purple

MSRP: £21.95
£19.95 £17.50
A lovely soft halter featuring fleece inserts at the poll strap and nose band. These fleece inserts ensure even pressure

LeMieux Soft Shell Over Reach Boots – Teal

MSRP: £17.95
£17.95 £13.46
LeMieux Soft Shell Over-Reach boots are practical everyday boot with really soft but strong shell. The best everyday over reach

Lincoln Hoof Disinfectant

MSRP: £8.14
£7.95 £5.00
Powerful dual action water based antibacterial formula. Remains active in the presence of organic matter. For use as part of

Lincoln Lanolised Leather Soap and Leather Balsam Bundle

£14.44£16.70 £11.16£13.42
Buy Lincoln Lanolised leather Soap, and save 30% off the price of Lincoln Superior Leather Balm

Lincoln Saddle Cloth – Pony

MSRP: £16.40
£15.95 £9.95
WAS £15.95, then £11.95 A lovely Off-White Saddle cloth featuring the Lincoln logo on both sides