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Safety First! How to keep you and your horse visible on the roads!

Safety First! How to keep you and your horse visible on the roads!

Stay visible on the roads!

Now the days are shorter it can be difficult to get out on the roads with our horses.

Being visible when we’re riding on roads (or off-road!) is important all year round. But even more so when the mornings and evenings are darker.

You need to make yourself and your horse as visible as possible to drivers and other road users.

Don’t give them a reason to claim they ‘didn’t see you’!

We put together some top tips to help you and your horse stay safe, whether you’re riding on- or off-road.

Safety First! How to keep you and your horse visible on the roads!
  • ALWAYS wear hi-vis clothing.

If you wear it all year round it will become second nature to you. There’s a great range of items nowadays for you AND your horse.

From reflective hatbands and vests to hi-vis sheets and leg wraps for your horse. You can both be kitted out from top to toe!

This is definitely a case of the more hi-vis you can fit on to you and your horse the better!

See our range here for horse and rider.

  • Invest in some disk tags/markers with your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details on them in case the worst happens and you get separated from your horse.

You can attach these to your hat and your horse’s bridle and saddle.

Have your ICE details on your phone too.

Bonus tip: If you list the number in your contacts under ICE, other people know to ring that number for you!

  • Attach a flashing LED light to your clothing.
  • Plan ahead. Then if your ride takes longer than planned (if you get lost or your horse throws a shoe) you won’t get caught out.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and take a mobile power pack with you if you can.
  • Install a map app on your phone in case you get lost. Ideally, carry a map with you too in case you don’t have any mobile coverage!
  • If you’re riding alone tell someone your rough route and how long you expect to be.
  • If you can, it’s a good idea to always carry a small first aid bag with you. Fill it with smaller essentials.

You never know when you might need it!

Bonus tip: For longer hacks, we used to carry a folding hoof pick and a piece of string (baler bind!). More than once the string has come in handy to fix a broken bridle!

  • If you do have an accident or mishap, try to stay calm!

This is so much easier said than done sometimes, I know!

Take some deep breaths and get a handle on the situation so you know what your next steps are.

I hope this helps.

Ride safely!

If you’ve got any other tips for staying safe and being seen do let me know!

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