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Easy Ways to Reduce your plastic waste

Baby Wipes – Ditch them! Or find plastic-free ones! You heard right – until recently I hadn’t even thought about the fact that baby wipes can be up to 80% plastic. Whilst I’ll still probably use them for clearing wounds (as they don’t leave lint in the wound like cotton wool can, I’ll be using a sponge a lot more. Until recently, I used baby wipes for lots of things, cleaning noses, docks, etc. A separate sponge for jobs like bums and one for noses will keep going a lot longer than a single-use wipe. The other advantage is that a sponge will work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

But Sponges often come wrapped in plastic I hear you say – yes they do – but not all of them. There will be a lot less plastic wrapping the sponges that there will be in a pack of most baby wipes, (which also come wrapped in a plastic outer). The other thing to consider is that if you buy a bigger pack there is less packaging per sponge.

Buy British – Again, not always easy for some items, and not always the cheapest option, but if the product was made in the UK, it won’t have been shipped or flown into the UK, automatically reducing the carbon footprint of the product. Brands such as Lincoln, and Silverfeet are both British brands, with the products produced in the UK. Some products may contain ingredients from outside the UK.

Buy in bigger quantities/volumes – without doing anything you can reduce your plastic consumption – and help save some money. For example – Buying 8 x 500ml bottles of Lincoln Pre-clip shampoo is (8 x £6.83) = £54.64, but a 4-litre bottle is £34.00. Not everything will have such a marked saving buying in quantities, but the difference with the Lincoln bottles, between a 500ml bottle and a 4 litre bottle is a plastic saving of 40%. Also now factor in postage costs, or travel costs for each bottle…… The savings from one item quickly helps you buy another bigger item, saving that little piggy bank of yours. Not sure you’ll get through a tub before the best before date – ask if anyone else on the yard using the same product, and maybe go half’s. Dividing the tub as soon as it arrives might be an idea, so everything stays fair, and easier to keep track of.

Use your blue Bin – I know its a bit of a pain – but check the bottom of all your bottles and tubs when they are empty – and either reuse; recycle (after a quick rinse) or refill them.

Many local authorities will also recycle shavings bags and feed sacks via the blue bins (not ours unfortunatly) but we can recycle them at the local tip. Have a quick check on your local authorities government website for more details.

You can get additional blue bins from most, if not all authorities, free of charge.