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LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots – Sage

RRP: £32.50
The perfect combination of the support of polo bandages with the protection of brushing boots, the Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots

LeMieux Classic Lycra Fly Hood – Sage

RRP: £26.95
Designed for the competitive rider, these beautiful ears offer style and function. Made from quality 3 way crochet and braiding,

LeMieux Grafter Boots – Sage

RRP: £24.95
A fantastic “unbelievable value” hard-working boot for everyday use.  Highly durable made to withstand daily graft but still soft, lightweight

LeMieux Hat Silk – Sage

RRP: £22.50
Match your LeMieux look with a smart Hat Silk from the Le Collection range. There are many different colour combinations

LeMieux Loire Classic Satin Dressage Square – Sage

RRP: £58.95
Loire Dressage Collection Described as the most stylish dressage pad LeMieux have ever produced. The Loire collection exudes sophistication and

LeMieux Loire Satin Fly Hood – Sage

RRP: £29.95
Loire Fly Hood Supporting the signature LeMieux Loire embossed metal motif these luxurious fly hoods are a stylish addition to

LeMieux Loire Satin Polo Bandages – Sage

RRP: £34.95
Loire Polo Bandages The perfect match to complete the Loire Collection. These beautiful fleece polo bandages have luxurious satin end-detail

LeMieux Luxury Fleece Polo Bandages – Sage

RRP: £29.95
Luxury LeMieux Fleece Polo Bandages. These beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling.

LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square (D-Ring) – Sage

RRP: £44.95
Now with our Super Soft Suede Binding & New PU Leather girth protection area, this beautiful suede Dressage square sets

LeMieux ProSport Suede GP Square – Sage

RRP: £44.95
Now with the New Super Soft Suede Binding and New PU Leather Girth Protection area, this beautiful suede General Purpose square