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Equi Life Weigh Tape

£6.80 £4.99
A simple method of estimating the weight of a horse or pony. Aids dietary management and removes the guesswork from

Harold Moore Pouring Jug

MSRP: £2.86 - £6.84
The new Harold Moore pouring jug & jug scoop have been designed to the same exacting high standards you would

Hy Competition Number Holder

MSRP: £4.99
This new product is simple to fit to the back of any riding jacket; simply sew 2 x 15mm black

Hy Equestrian Simon the Sheep Boot Bag

MSRP: £24.99
A handy carry case for your long riding boots, featuring the funky Simon the Sheep design. Rip-stop and waterproof, this

Hy Trailer Tie

MSRP: £12.50
Ideal for use inside or outside the lorry/trailer.

HyLAND Boot Jack – Wood

MSRP: £13.99
Remove your muddy boots without having to bend down. Wooden, with rubber grip

HyLAND Boot Jack – Plastic

MSRP: £2.99
Remove your muddy boots without having to bend down.

LeMieux Bridle Number Holder Black Round

MSRP: £19.96 - £24.95
The LeMieux Leather Number Holder provides a sophisticated way to display your number at competitions. Attaches easily to the bridle

LeMieux Wash Bag

MSRP: £8.50 - £13.50
Ideal for all things horses. It will keep your washing machine clean and horse hair free. Large Bag – 75cm

Lincoln Easy-Measure Weight and Height Tape

MSRP: £6.05
A high quality robust glass tape measure to calculate the approximate height and weight of horses.

Lincoln Leather Punch

MSRP: £6.66
Revolves to give a variety of hole sizes to suit all your needs. With plastic coated handle.

Moorland Rider Girth Buckle Wash Bag – Black

MSRP: £5.99
Extra padding to prevent girth buckles from damaging the washing machine. Use in conjunction with the Horsewear wash bag or