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Aviform Suppleaze Gold

MSRP: £64.95 - £220.95
NEW FORMULA SUPPLEAZE GOLD Just 27g of Suppleaze Gold matches the levels of Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin used in published

Lincoln Devil’s Claw+

MSRP: £23.48
A liquid supplement containing 3 natural ingredients; superior grade Devil’s Claw, reputed for its natural effect on joint discomfort, MSM

Lincoln Glucosamine Premier Concentrate

MSRP: £27.55
A concentrated Glucosamine supplement with added MSM and Vitamin C. Promotes healthy joints, tendons and cartilage.

Lincoln Herbs Devil’s Claw Root

MSRP: £27.45
Contains superior grade tuber root from the African native herb Devil’s Claw, which is reputed worldwide for maintaining joint comfort.

Lincoln Herbs Flexion

MSRP: £27.45
A natural herbal supplement, scientifically formulated to support & maintain joint mobility. Flexion optimises the natural properties of this unique

Lincoln It’s Not Bute – 1 litre

MSRP: £22.15
Liquid Devil’s Claw is a natural alternative to bute (Phenylbutazone). Made from native African Devil’s Claw with the added advantage

Lincoln MSM

MSRP: £45.47
Pure Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, a biologically available form of Sulphur. Beneficial for feeding to horses susceptible or experiencing impaired movement.

Lincoln Turmeric Gold

MSRP: £9.70
Contains Curcumin and other bioactive compounds for improved health and wellbeing. Rich in antioxidants and is naturally healthy. Contains Black

NAF Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM

MSRP: £15.50
Glucosamine in combination with MSM for the everyday maintenance of healthy joints, tendons and cartilage.