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Battles Raw Linseed Oil

RRP: £6.65 - £14.10
A useful addition to daily feeds – ideal for optimising health and coat condition.

Equilibrium Simplyirresistible – Vegetable

RRP: £13.32 - £37.50
A healthy and delicious feed-topping made from natural ingredients with added probiotics. Makes full feeds more inviting and irresistible to

Lincoln Cyder Vinegar

RRP: £5.60 - £20.90
The positive health benefits are numerous and well documented. This product is manufactured to a traditional English recipe. Pure and

Lincoln Flax Oil

RRP: £9.45 - £25.85
Lincoln Flax Oil is a natural, cold pressed oil, balanced in Omegas 3, 6 & 9. Also known as Linseed

Lincoln Garlic Parsley & Linseed Oil

RRP: £13.45 - £46.55
An easily absorbed form of beneficial Garlic and Parsley in nutritious Linseed Oil. For all round wellbeing and vitality. Contains

Lincoln Garlic Granules

RRP: £10.50 - £23.80
100% pure garlic goodness in a granule form.

Lincoln Garlic Powder

RRP: £5.60 - £18.00
100% pure Garlic goodness as a powder.

Lincoln Garlic Powder Refill Pack

RRP: £9.10 - £20.30
100% pure Garlic goodness as a powder. An economical refill pack.

Lincoln Herbs Fenugreek & Garlic

RRP: £12.05
A simple blend of two high-quality natural ingredients which contains all of the benefits of both Fenugreek & Garlic for

Lincoln Herbs Mint

RRP: £11.25
Lincoln Herbs Mint is 100% pure Spearmint, a natural herb loved by horses & ponies for generations. Added to the

Lincoln Linseed Pellets

RRP: £9.95
Full of natural goodness. Will enhance general wellbeing when used as part of a balanced feeding regime.

Lincoln Molasses

RRP: £6.35 - £11.10
Pure cane molasses. A high energy, sweet and tasty appetiser containing 40% natural sugars. A valuable natural source of carbohydrate.