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Lincoln Brewers Yeast

MSRP: £13.05
An equine supplement rich in B Vitamins and Amino Acids that is valuable in the diet of stressed and anxious

Lincoln Herbs Calmness

MSRP: £29.65
A scientifically developed herbal supplement to improve the overall wellbeing & temperament of horses, whilst minimising & managing anxiety &

Lincoln Trypto-MAG Calmer

MSRP: £8.15
Designed to help nervous, sensitive, spooky horses and ponies to remain calm when facing stressful situations. Contains Tryptophan; a precursor

Lincoln Turmeric Gold

MSRP: £10.15
Contains Curcumin and other bioactive compounds for improved health and wellbeing. Rich in antioxidants and is naturally healthy. Contains Black

Lincoln Yea-Sacc

MSRP: £16.20 - £26.95
Yea-Sacc 30 contains a mixture of Yea-Sacc & Brewer’s Yeast. Yea-Sacc provides the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae which supports the fibre

Premier Performance Calming Cookies

MSRP: £12.00
Calming Cookies give your horse confidence and make them feel less anxious. They are completely natural. They work on the

Premier Performance Calming Powder

MSRP: £15.00
Calming powder is a powerful everyday supplement. Helps your horse to stay calm, confident and focused without affecting the ability

Premier Performance Gut Ease Cookies

MSRP: £15.50
A NEW Cookie with gut benefits – given just like a treat! – No need for any scary syringes anymore!

Premier Performance Premier Calm

MSRP: £25.00
Premier Calm is a powerful everyday supplement. Formulated with Chia Seeds. Helps your horse to stay calm, confident and focused

Premier Performance Sassy Mare Cookies

MSRP: £12.95
Sassy Mare Plus®  is formulated with a specific blend of herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Hormones in mares can lead