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Connolly Hide Care

MSRP: £16.46
A traditional lanoline based bees’ wax treatment for fine leather goods, upholstery and clothing. It moisturises and feeds the leather

Effax Black Boot Polish

MSRP: £8.22
Effax Boot Polish is an absolute must for your stocks. Easy to apply using the integrated sponge and then polish

Effax Glycerine Soap

MSRP: £9.12
Cleans all types of smooth leather quickly, gently and thoroughly. Obstinate dirt as well as dust and sweat marks can

Effax Kids Leather-Magic

MSRP: £10.86
Leather cleaning and leather care is combined in this easy to use product. Leather-Magic cleans and cares for leather quickly

Effax Leather Balm & Grip Technology

MSRP: £9.95
Effax Leather-Balm + Grip Technology combines the most valuable leather care of the classic Effax product with an innovative anti-slip

Effax Leather Care Case

MSRP: £28.95
Shoe and leather care in compact form. The Effax Leather Care Case contains the perfect care products for riding equipment

Effax Leather Combi

MSRP: £10.73
Cleans and nourishes the leather fibre in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy.  High

Effax Leather Combi Plus

MSRP: £18.00
The Leather Combi power cleaner has proved effective for many years and is now available with a spray and foam

Effax Leather Cream Soap

MSRP: £8.74
Cleans and cares for tack in one single step, quickly and simply with no water required. Ensures a pleasent leather

Effax Leather Grip Stick

MSRP: £8.52
Gives the leather a firm and perfectly uncomplicated grip – all the time, everywhere.  With a twist and turn stick

Effax Leather Oil – Tin with Brush

MSRP: £12.28
Nourishes, cares for, and protects all smooth leathers. Vaseline, genuine train oil, and other high quality leather-caring substances ensure durability

Effax Leather Soft

MSRP: £11.66
As a result of the special mixture of lanolin and avocado oil, the leather becomes supple, tear-proof and soft. Beeswax