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Coldstream Fleece Head Collar

MSRP: £17.99
This soft head collar is perfect for everyday use. A wide soft fleece noseband and headband disperses pressure and prevents

Coldstream Leather Padded Head Collar

MSRP: £44.95 - £44.99
A luxurious head collar made from the finest quality leather. Featuring a soft underpadding on the nose and headpiece that

Hy Deluxe Padded Head Collar

MSRP: £15.99
Lined nylon for durability with brass clips and a solid brass throat lash clip. Soft padded head and nosepiece for

Hy Economy Plus Head Collar

MSRP: £4.99
An ideal head collar for everyday use, with additional eyelet holes on the headpiece for increased durability. With a fully

Hy Equestrian Competition Ready Head Collar and Lead Rope

MSRP: £14.99
This adjustable head collar is adorned with the competition ready print, that features dressage riders, show jumpers and eventers. This

Hy Equestrian Thelwell Trophy Head Collar And Lead Rope

MSRP: £14.50
This fun and practical head collar is a must have accessory for your horse! From the Thelwell Trophy collection, this

Hy Event Pro Series Head Collar and Lead Rope

MSRP: £18.99
A luxuriously soft webbing head collar with fleece over the poll and nose, suitable for sensitive horses who are susceptible

Hy Extra Thick Extra Soft Lead Rope

MSRP: £5.99
This extra thick extra soft lead rope has a great feel in the hand, featuring a trigger hook.

Hy Fieldsafe Head Collar

MSRP: £18.99 - £20.99
This hard wearing and well designed nylon web head collar is perfect for training and general use. Quick release clip on

Hy Head Collar, Lead Rope & Fly Veil Set

MSRP: £15.80
This headcollar and lead rope set comes complete with a detachable Velcro fly fringe which is ideal for protecting your

Hy Heart Fleece Head Collar

MSRP: £11.99
The Hy Heart head collar is both fun and practical. The soft fleece padding over the poll and nose ensures

Hy Kiss Head Collar

MSRP: £11.99
Make your horse or pony feel loved with the Hy Kiss Head Collar. This head collar is detailed with pink