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LeMieux Luxury Fleece Polo Bandages – Tangerine

MSRP: £22.50
Luxury LeMieux Fleece Polo Bandages. These beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling.

LeMieux ProSport Support Boot – Coral Red

MSRP: £38.95
£38.95 £25.00
ProSport Support Boots by LeMieux. The best all-round boot for turnout, schooling or competition. Lightweight and protective but allowing flexibility

Hy Air Flow Bandage

MSRP: £14.50
Unique, fully ventilating bandages. Half soft, anti-pill fleece and half ”Air Flow” gentle elastic. Allows the leg to breathe, minimising

Hy Armoured Guard Pro Protect Over Reach Boots

MSRP: £22.99
Hy Armoured Guard Pro Protect Over Reach Boots are extremely durable boots that offer excellent protection from over reach injuries.

Hy Armoured Guard Pro Reaction Over Reach Boots

MSRP: £23.99
Strong, flexible and lightweight over reach boots suitable for everyday exercise, wearing whilst turned out or in the stable. The

Hy Bandage Tape

MSRP: £1.99
A generous roll of good quality tape. Secure and durable.

Hy Elite Fleece Bandage

MSRP: £14.99
New and improved fleece bandages from Hy. These stunning fleece bandages are made from high quality anti-pill fleece, with a

Hy Exercise Bandages

MSRP: £13.50
Elasticated support bandage.  Ideal for use as a working bandage or for competition use.  Machine washable.  Set of 4.  2m

Hy Fetlock Ring with Leather Strap

MSRP: £7.50
A tubular rubber ring with leather strap fastening. Can be used for turnout or riding to prevent injury to the

Hy Foam Leg Pads

MSRP: £13.50
Ideal for under bandages to offer extra protection and prevent pressure points.  The foam centre acts as a shock absorbent. 

Hy Neoprene Protect Tail Guard

MSRP: £13.99
The Hy shock-absorbing tail guard prevents rubbing and injuries when travelling, with reinforced neoprene at the base of the tail.

Hy Padded Tail Guard

MSRP: £5.99
Keep your horse’s tail protected whilst travelling with this padded, easy to wipe clean tail guard. It is quick and