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Cheek Guards

MSRP: £2.54
These rubber cheek guards are supplied in pairs. They are used to help prevent the horses bit from rubbing or

Cottage Craft Curb Hooks – Pair

£1.75 £1.00
Pair of hooks to be used in conjunction with a curb chain, for use with kimblewick, pelham and Weymouth bits.

Cottage Craft Spur & Strap Pack – Prince Of Wales – Mens

Stainless steel spurs complete with a pair of black nylon spur straps. Men’s 15mm or 30mm available

Curb Chain Guard – Rubber

MSRP: £0.84
Rubber sleeve for curb chain.


MSRP: £12.50 - £13.50
Approved by British Dressage, Equidisc is the ideal number disc for all kinds of competition. This horse bridle number is

Hy Bit Guards

MSRP: £1.99
Designed to help prevent the bit from pinching or rubbing on the corners of the horse’s mouth. Can be used

Hy Rein Stops

MSRP: £1.50
These rein stops are made from strong, flexible rubber – easy to get over the rein billets, yet strong enough

Hy Rubber Martingale Stop

MSRP: £1.50
Rubber martingale stop which fits onto the cross section of the martingale to prevent the neck strap from running up

HyCOMFORT Noseband Cover

MSRP: £2.99
Provide comfort for the horse, prevents rubbing and focuses the horses attention. Can also be used on cheek pieces or

LeMieux Lambskin Ear Plugs

MSRP: £7.95
Lambskin Earplugs Very soft and more acceptable to horses with a natural feel and look. Very easy to put in

LeMieux Saddle Pad Number Holder

MSRP: £19.96
LeMieux Leather Saddle Pad Number Holder The LeMieux Leather Number Holder provides a sophisticated way to display your number at

LeMieux Silicone Bit Rings

MSRP: £2.95
Soft pliable bit guards Quick and easy to put on Prevents rubbing and chaffing Fits most bit sizes