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Leovet Cellsius Gel

MSRP: £13.99
Retains the cool-down effect achieved by a quick hosing down of the horse’s leg. Stimulates fast recovery and relieves strained

Lincoln Limited Edition Muddy Buddy Gift Pack

MSRP: £29.00
A handy ‘mud-proof’ backpack filled with everything you need to protect your horse’s skin in muddy conditions! Contains x Lincoln

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder

MSRP: £31.51
Fast, effective therapy for mud fever. Scientifically proven. Use in conjunction with the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder

MSRP: £11.17
A powerful antibacterial water repellent powder for application to the lower legs of horses in wet and muddy conditions. Beneficial

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub

MSRP: £6.72
A powerful antibacterial leg wash for easy removal of mud and dirt from the legs of horses. Contains a powerful

Lincoln Tinted Event Salve

MSRP: £14.00
A tinted version of Lincoln’s Event Salve – a specialist product for the amateur and professional event rider. This easy

Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard

MSRP: £10.45
An anti-bacterial and waterproof barrier cream to help prevent and combat mud fever.

Thomas Pettifers Leg Shield

MSRP: £9.99
Protects the legs and lower body from mud which can carry soil borne infections. Use on belly, chest and legs