At the NoseBag Tack Shop, we understand the importance of a healthy hoof. This is why we have a huge stock of hoof care products and accessories to cater for all your horse or ponies hoof care needs. We stock hoof picks, brushes, hoof ointments and creams as well as hoof hardener, moisturiser and much more.

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Barrier Fungicidal Hoof Oil

RRP: £8.96
A non-sealing, anti-fungal lubricant for the all year round maintenance of hooves, whilst giving a professional high gloss appearance. An

Effol Brush Fix

RRP: £4.28
Innovative brush arrangement for fixing directly to every Effol and Effax 500ml tub. Re-usable.

Effol Hoof Moisture Balance

RRP: £12.94
The specially developed care components of glycerine and witch hazel provide lasting moisture, thus re-establishing a correct balance in the

Effol Hoof Oil

RRP: £16.38
The ideal all round protection for healthy hooves. The combination of lanolin and laurel oil promotes elasticity of the hoof

Effol Hoof Ointment

RRP: £10.16 - £57.00
The original ointment formula for every type of hoof. Ensures healthy hoof growth. The combination of laurel and thyme helps

Effol Kids Star Hoof Shine

RRP: £11.30
Effol Kids Star-Hoof-Shine is a special hoof-care product, which gives horses’ hooves a wonderful shine, protects them against drying out

Effol Shampooing Brush

RRP: £11.20
Simple assistance for rubbing in and lathering shampoo. Ideal also for hoof-cleaning.

Effol Summer Hoof Gel

RRP: £12.80
Takes into consideration the faster growth of horses’ hooves in the warm weather and is thus the ideal hoof-care for

Effol Winter Hoof Gel

RRP: £12.80
Protects the hoof against damp, mud and moist bedding. The gel base transports the oil particularly well. The rosemary and

EquiXTREME Farrier’s Hoof Balm

RRP: £23.22
Farrier’s Hoof Balsam – the only 3-in-1 solution for a healthy and strong hoof -keeps the keratin structure flexible and

Hoof Oil Brush With Cap

Hoof oil brush complete with protective cap that keeps the brush clean and prevents contact with other grooming items.

Hy Muzzle

RRP: £14.50
This nylon muzzle slows the horse’s grazing. Featuring a rubber base, Velcro closure headpiece and clip throat lash for easy