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Aluminum Mane and Tail Comb with Wooden Handle

MSRP: £1.64
Good quality, durable, aluminium tail comb, complete with wooden handle.

Effol Kids Slickerbands – Coloured

MSRP: £4.00
Bright & colourful. For all plaits. The colourful Effol Kids Non-Snap Plaiting Bands are made of a special, elastic material.

Effol Slickerbands

MSRP: £4.00
Fantastic. Elastic. Effol Non-Snap Plaiting Bands are made out of especially elastic material, preventing split hairs as well as tangling

HySHINE Magic Cover Make-Up

MSRP: £9.50
Perfect for concealing marks and scars, leaving a matt finish for long lasting protection. This make-up also naturally enhances your

HySHINE Magic Hold Plaiting Spray

MSRP: £12.15
A time-saving formula that every horse owner needs – quick, perfect plaits in no time at all. This formulation leaves

HySHINE Magic Sheen Detangler Serum

MSRP: £13.70
Effectively detangles, nourishes and conditions manes and tails, leaving the hair feeling more hydrated. Leaves a long lasting shine for

LeMieux TopZop Plaiting Comb

MSRP: £9.95
The LeMieux TopZop is an amazing new gadget, which is a real must for plaiting. It’s great function allows you

Lincoln Fetlock Scissors

MSRP: £8.61
Stainless steel scissors with a curved blade for ease of use and plastic handles.

Lincoln Hoof Pick Pulling Comb

MSRP: £1.30
The all in one pick and pull device!

Lincoln One Sided Thinning Scissors

MSRP: £7.38
Steel blade. Great for tiding up the manes and tails. Features a plastic handle

Lincoln Plaiting Bands

MSRP: £1.60
Approximately 500 per pack. Ideal for that winning look!

Lincoln Plaiting Mist

MSRP: £6.99
The ideal combination of grip and conditioning to allow you to plait easily & quickly whilst creating strong neat plaits