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A totally unique antioxidant complex to support equine health when compromised by toxin overload.



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1.5kg, 500gm

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Boasting over 30 years experience in equine supplementation, the brand NAF has come a long way and today is amongst the most well known and highly respected supplement manufacturers in the UK. Focusing its efforts on formulating uniquely effective supplements – combining only the best natural ingredients – for the support of horses in a number of key areas, NAF is continually evolving in the field of equine care. All NAF products profit from the expertise of leading equine nutritionists and veterinarian scientists, ensuring the very best for your horse in health, fitness and competition. Whatever your horse’s need, albeit joint care, digestion, calming, performance, breathing, immunity or skin, NAF has a supplement for effectively meeting the need. You can trust NAF to deliver a high-quality product that reflects their commitment to quality and their passion for horses in all walks of life.