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Horse Rugs. How to measure & fit, why size matters & which rug you need!

Horse Rugs. How to measure, why size matters & which rug your horse needs!

It’s so annoying when you take a chance and buy a coat in ‘your size’ without trying it on. Only to find it doesn’t fit when you get home!

Different brands have different fits and features.

The same can be true for horse rugs!

Making sure you have the right sized rug is important. You don’t want your horse to be uncomfortable, or have rubbing or slippage from their rug.

Here’s our guide for measuring your horse:

TOP TIP: If you don’t have a long enough soft tape measure, use a piece of string or rope that you can measure afterwards!

🐴 To find the Back length:

Measure from withers to top of the tail.

🐴 To find the Body length:

Measure from the CENTRE of the chest, along your horse’s side, to where the rug needs to finish. (Usually the end of the rump.)

How to measure for horse rug

When size matters!

I usually find that stable rugs are true to size.

But for thicker turnout rugs, it can be a good idea to add on an extra 3 inches to your horse’s measurement.

If your horse measures between sizes, it’s usually best to buy the size UP rather than down.

That said, if your horse is narrow chested you may not need to.

It can be a bit ‘trial and error’ to get the right fit at first. But once you know your horse’s size and what fits their shape it’s much easier!

As I said, different brands have different fits. So if the brand you’re buying has a size guide it’s best to measure your horse based on that to be sure.

So now you know which SIZE your horse needs, you need to decide which TYPE of rug they need!

It can depend on the season, the weather, your horse’s breed and what they’re doing.

So what is there to choose from? Here’s our quick guide:

  • Exercise sheets. Keep your horse warm and dry during exercise. Ideal for fully clipped horses, with hi-viz sheets great for any horse out hacking.
  • Show & Summer Sheets. These keep your horse’s coat clean when it’s dusty. Great for when you’re showing your horse!
  • Cooler rugs. For use after exercise. Designed to be breathable to stop horses from getting chills as they cool down.
  • Fly & Sweet Itch rugs & sheets. Lightweight and do what it says on the tin! Help protect your horse from biting flies and insects from spring to autumn.
  • Fleece rugs. Being both warm and breathable makes these rugs multi-functional. Use in the stable or under another thinner rug when your horse needs to be a bit warmer.
  • Stable rugs. Keep your horse warm when they’re stabled. They’re designed for indoor use so aren’t waterproof.
  • Turnout rugs. Used for keeping your horse dry and clean in the field. They come in different weights for use throughout the seasons.

Apart from being an important and practical ‘must-have’ for many of our horses, rugs come in a range of designs. So you can really have fun with them too!

Check out our range here.

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