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Get ready for shedding season with the Ultimate Groomer

Get ready for shedding season with the Ultimate Groomer

After what feels like a rather long, and very wet winter, the first few hairs falling out of one of my ponies is met with mixed feelings.

Yes – Spring is on its way – finally, the end is in sight……however now starts the season of finding hair everywhere, and it sticks to everything.

When I first started riding, I had a lovely little TB, who spoiled me when it came to spring. Although not always clipped, and some years resembling a fluffy teddy bear he seemed to shed his entire coat in about 2 weeks flat. Every year.

And ohhh how I miss him (not just for that reason – he was special in many ways!)

My current collection of fluffy beasties are not so considerate. Mickie was fully clipped this year, and so far is showing very little sign of losing his hair, but as a TB has very fine hair on his legs. King, now retired, resembles a rather scruffy and unkempt TB, covered in mud most of this winter, which I can only assume he thoroughly loved, by the regular rate in which it was reapplied – thickly!

Harry, as a shetland, would given half a chance, be brown and hairy, (rather than grey) if it wasn’t for the fact that he is regularly clipped to keep him more comfortable with his Cushings, but his legs look like he’s wearing 3 pairs of leg warmers, and these shed with great gusto. Frodo, my last pony is a little Welshie, and lives his slightly feral life eating anything in sight and growing the most impressive coat that started shedding at the beginning of February. It continues for months.

My best friend, come shedding season is the Lincoln Ultimate Groomer. Whilst not as cheap as a shedding blade, I can easily swap from one horse to another whilst grooming my horses, as it is great on all four coats. Many people ask if the ultimate groomer works on fine hair, and it definitely does! Whilst you don’t get that think pile of hair in one stroke, that you do off a small little Welshie with a thick coat, it easily falls out. Next, the hair gathers in the teeth, so that you can gather the hair up easily, without it going all static and flying off everywhere. Note – it doesn’t get stuck in the teeth. It still gets stuck to lots of stuff though!

Another advantage of this great little tool is that I can use it on any part of my horses. Obviously the boney parts and around the face need some gentle care, but it works to get the mud and loose hair out. Although the video if from a year ago, and Mickie had not really started moulting, you can get a bit of an idea how the ultimate groomer works – its just far more impressive on a Frodo!

As its ergonomically designed, it sits in your hand very comfortably, so you can hold the groomer rather than having to grip it when you use it. As my Dad has arthritis in his hands (and other joints) he really struggles with a rubber curry comb or shedding blade, but will happily groom the boys for an hour with the ultimate groomer.

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  1. Jeannie dewesy says:

    ohh, that actually looks really good. i hate using the shedding blades, so end up using a rubber curry comb

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