Environment, Sustainability and Horses

Climate Change and Horses – Doing your bit

Climate Change and Horses - Doing your bit

Anyone else constantly being bombarded with information about how bad single-use plastic is? How we need to reduce it, how we aren’t doing enough, and how we are all killing the planet?

Not just me then!

But what areas can you actually cut back, make changes (that are actionable, rather than just sounding good) – and are there better ways to help the environment? And which brands are doing their bit to help you reduce the amount of plastic your items come with!!

As a business – I look at ways I can reduce the effect I have on the environment. And it’s not always in the ways you think! -I’ll share some of my secrets shortly. How I’m helping you do your bit.

In this category of blog posts – I’m going to aim to write some things that should help you to do your bit, small changes that should stay with you. A bit like with riding, once you’ve learnt to do rising trot, it’s very hard to not do it, it becomes second nature. Automatic.

And if you are not convinced that a small change could make a difference. Have a look at this – a single crop of water, over time, makes these beatiful icicles. It adds up over time!

Climate Change and Horses - Doing your bit