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Wendals Booster

RRP: £29.50
A selection of herbs including Echinacea to help support the horse’s natural resistance to infection. Particularly useful for horses at

Wendals Calmer – Valerian Free

RRP: £29.50
This long established variation of the Wendals Calmer formula is a proven solution to calming horses but without the inclusion

Wendals Cider Apple Vinegar

RRP: £5.75 - £23.35
A palatable liquid for optimising mobility and joint function.

Wendals Comfrey

RRP: £20.90
To maintain natural healing.

Wendals Comfrey Cream

RRP: £11.45
To maintain natural healing.

Wendals Devils Claw Root

RRP: £37.15
A native African plant used for many years as a natural and traditional alternative to prescription medicines to reduce winter

Wendals Easy Mover

RRP: £27.65
A combination of 6 specially selected herbs to support and maintain a sound and active horse. Helps promote blood supply

Wendals Farriers Blend

RRP: £23.00
Blended with herbs that will supply the natural vitamins and minerals known to be required for hoof health and growth.

Wendals Garlic & Fenugreek

RRP: £15.05
A simple but exacting blend of two herbs which together will help optimise the appetite whilst having a beneficial effect

Wendals Garlic Granules

RRP: £10.50 - £23.80
100% pure garlic. Garlic has so many benefits, it is not surprising that it is the most commonly used herb

Wendals Horse Treats

RRP: £4.70
All the natural herbal benefits in a tasty titbit. Treat your horse the healthy way! Supplied in bag – not

Wendals In Foal

RRP: £28.00
Supports breeding mares and those in foal.