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Thomas Pettifer Green Oils Gel

RRP: £11.50
For all superficial wounds including insect bites, saddle sores and girth galls, wire cuts and splinters.

Thomas Pettifer Green Oils Spray

RRP: £7.49
A traditional embrocation. Anti-bacterial and soothing properties. Rub on areas affected by stiffness, bruising, swelling or sprains to soothe and

Thomas Pettifer Herbal Elixir

RRP: £7.99
A skin gel with 3 purposes in 1 – it’s like magic! This extraordinary fusion of natural herbs helps promote

Thomas Pettifer Invigor8

RRP: £8.99
An invigorating formula to cool, soothe and clean your horse. Invigor 8 contains pine oil, arnica and witch hazel helping

Thomas Pettifers Cetream

RRP: £9.95
Barrier cream, providing an antiseptic protective film. Disinfects skin rashes, sores and skin lesions.

Thomas Pettifers Leg Shield

RRP: £9.99
Protects the legs and lower body from mud which can carry soil borne infections. Use on belly, chest and legs