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Supreme Products Black Shampoo

MSRP: £11.40 - £68.50
Helping to add definition and shine to darker coats, Supreme Products Black Shampoo deepens colour for a natural looking finish

Supreme Products Blue Rinse

MSRP: £10.30 - £19.45
Use to enhance the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured coats, this product can be used when shampooing

Supreme Products Blue Shampoo

MSRP: £11.40 - £68.50
Formulated originally to enhance the colour of grey and white coats, this concentrated blue shampoo works effectively on all coat

Supreme Products Blue Tint

MSRP: £12.55
In a quick & easy dispenser, Supreme Products Blue Tint is a liquid which makes colour enhancing easy. Just add

Supreme Products Chestnut Shampoo

MSRP: £11.40 - £68.50
Regular use of this concentrated shampoo will preserve and enhance the colour of chestnut and roan coats – which tend

Supreme Products Citronella Shampoo

MSRP: £11.40
This gentle cleansing shampoo will leave a lustrous shine and silky finish to coats of all types and colours

Supreme Products Coat Gloss

MSRP: £15.05 - £76.85
Supreme Products de luxe Coat Gloss produces the ultimate in coat finishes. It is specially designed and formulated to achieve

Supreme Products Conditioning Shampoo

MSRP: £10.10
A perfect choice for all coat colours and types. This conditioning shampoo produces shine, lustre and will leave the coat

Supreme Products Detangle & Shine

MSRP: £15.60 - £117.00
Supreme Products Detangle & Shine keeps show manes and tails tangle-free and lustrous throughout the season. This non-aerosol spray is

Supreme Products Earplugs

MSRP: £7.95
Available in Pony or Horse Size in Black, Brown, White. Available as a pair these fleecy ear plugs will gently

Supreme Products Eucalyptus Body Wash

MSRP: £10.80
A refreshing body wash for use after exercise or on warm days.

Supreme Products Glistening Oil

MSRP: £13.65 - £228.40
A superior light grooming oil to add the final touch. Use to enhance and highlight your horse’s best points. Creates