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Pommel Clean All Rover

RRP: £12.99
CLEAN ALL ROVER contains petitgrain, which is the essential oil from the bitter orange tree. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory

Pommel Clear Round Shampoo

RRP: £19.99
Calming after-exercise wash for horses, made with Basil and Bergamot. Ever enjoyed that long shower after a day at the

Pommel Easy Does It Shampoo

RRP: £19.99
Unscented horse shampoo that is gentle to skin and fur, made with olive oil and chamomile. Our take on the

Pommel Leg Up Balm

RRP: £22.95
Balm to alleviate dry and cracked hooves, made with hemp, shea and tea tree. Traditionally, hoof oil was a black,

Pommel What The Muck Shampoo

RRP: £19.99
Deep-cleaning shampoo for very mucky horses, made with lavendar, peppermint and aloe. You know that one horse on the yard