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Lillidale Fly Repellent

RRP: £12.56 - £18.72
Lillidale Fly Repellent is a long acting insect repellent for horses and ponies that has a unique blend of ingredients

Lillidale Hoof Oil

RRP: £10.28 - £35.34
Lillidale Hoof Oil is a rich anti-bacterial enhanced formulation, to help prevent brittle split hooves and provide a long lasting

Lillidale Mane & Tail Spray

RRP: £11.92 - £19.20
Lillidale Mane and Tail Spray with regular use ensures tangle-free manes and tails, with a silky shine.

Lillidale Soft Hoof Balm

RRP: £9.44
Lillidale Hoof Grease is an anti-bacterial enhanced non spill formulation that may help to prevent split horn and dry, unpliable