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HySHINE Active Groom Bucket Brush

MSRP: £5.54 - £5.55
Easy to use, effective brush  

HySHINE Magic Cover Make-Up

MSRP: £9.50
Perfect for concealing marks and scars, leaving a matt finish for long lasting protection. This make-up also naturally enhances your

HySHINE Magic Dazzle Whitening Shampoo

MSRP: £9.25 - £39.15
  • Fast Acting
  • Combats yellowing hair
  • Contains avocado, lavender and wheat germ extracts
  • Helps protect and repair the coat from damage

HySHINE Magic Finish Detangler

MSRP: £9.50
An enhancing conditioner for use on manes, tails and coats. Rich in silk proteins, resulting in easy to manage manes

HySHINE Magic Glisten Enhancing Gloss

MSRP: £14.65
With added UV filters to protect your horse’s skin from burning in the sunlight, this enhancing gloss will give your

HySHINE Magic Hold Plaiting Spray

MSRP: £12.15
A time-saving formula that every horse owner needs – quick, perfect plaits in no time at all. This formulation leaves

HySHINE Magic Miracle Shampoo

MSRP: £8.70 - £32.65
Restore the shine in your horse’s coat with this mint fragranced shampoo. Nourish and condition the coat at the same

HySHINE Magic Sheen Detangler Serum

MSRP: £13.70
Effectively detangles, nourishes and conditions manes and tails, leaving the hair feeling more hydrated. Leaves a long lasting shine for

HySHINE Magic Sparkle 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

MSRP: £9.25 - £39.15
A 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner with a fusion of pro-vitamin B5 to help internally strengthen the hair and

HySHINE Magic Vanish Stain Remover

MSRP: £9.50
Lift stains effortlessly with this super stain remover, your horse will be spotless in no time at all! Deep cleans

HySHINE Pebble Brush

MSRP: £5.55
A two-in-one grooming tool with bristles on one side to effectively remove dirt, mud, dried stains; and a massage scrubber