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HyHealth Aloe Vera Gel

MSRP: £10.05
The Perfect solution to soothe irritated areas, with additional moisturising properties. An aqueous gel for optimising skin condition. 225gm

HyHEALTH Antibacterial Powder

MSRP: £5.80
A drying antibacterial powder for protecting horse’s minor wounds to help optimise healing. 20gm

HyHEALTH Cotton Wool

MSRP: £5.70
100% Cotton. All purpose, first aid veterinary care cotton wool roll for softness and absorbency. Use as part of your

HyHEALTH Dressing

MSRP: £13.20
Highly absorbent cushioned padding for leg protection, insulation and wound management. Quality cotton wool, encased in a low-adherent, tubular non-woven

HyHEALTH Heavy Duty Bandage Tape

MSRP: £12.60
The heavy duty bandage tape is an easy-to-tear adhesive suitable for keeping bandages in place, as well as being a

HyHEALTH Hoof Poultice

MSRP: £7.07
100% Natural, veterinary approved, first aid hoof poultice – All purpose dressing designed to fit your horse’s hoof, reducing preparation

HyHealth Poultice

MSRP: £5.59
100% Natural veterinary approved first aid poultice – All purpose dressing for wounds cuts and abrasions. Can be applied hot,


MSRP: £7.93 - £49.26
Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%

HyHealth Sportwrap Bandage

MSRP: £1.62
HyHEALTH Sportwrap is comfortable yet strong, providing a great combination for an extremely high quality bandage tape. Easy to tear,

HyHEALTH Wound Cream

MSRP: £12.14
An effective first aid cream for minor cuts and wounds. Contains a powerful combination of antibacterial agents, including natural Tea