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Dermoline Aloe Vera Gel

RRP: £10.70
A soothing Aloe Vera gel to optimise skin condition in horses. This gentle moisturising gel is beneficial for minor skin

Dermoline Cooling Body Wash

RRP: £7.25
A revitalising cooling body wash containing natural tea tree oil for use after exercise.

Dermoline Herbal Shampoo

RRP: £9.05
For that natural shine! A gentle shampoo containing natural extracts of lavender and rosemary to thoroughly cleanse and clean the

Dermoline Insect Shampoo

RRP: £10.30 - £37.70
A powerful, deep cleansing and clarifying shampoo which removes the build-up of scurf, grease and ectoparasite debris.

Dermoline Mane & Tail Conditioner

RRP: £9.35 - £34.95
Developed from technology in human hair care. This luxurious hair conditioning lotion helps remove tangles ensuring a soft, glossy mane

Dermoline Mane & Tail Conditioner – Spray

RRP: £12.40
Convenient spray to ensure a tangle free mane and tail with a silky long lasting shine.

Dermoline Skin Ointment

RRP: £6.95
A soothing and cooling ointment containing calamine, sulphur and coal tar. Helps overcome common dry skin problems and stimulates repair.

Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup

RRP: £17.95
Concentrated syrup to instantly soothe the respiratory system. Deep penetrating multi action formula for dust irritations.

Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream

RRP: £18.50
A protective antibacterial wound cream for horses. Combining the antibacterial and soothing benefits of zinc oxide and tea tree oil.

Dermoline Stable Louse Powder

RRP: £12.80
A repellent powder for use against lice and other external parasites. Rapid and long lasting multi action formula in an

Dermoline Tea Tree Shampoo

RRP: £9.55
An antibacterial shampoo containing natural extracts of tea tree to thoroughly cleanse and care for the coat. Regular use will