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Coldstream Fleece Head Collar

RRP: £17.99
This soft head collar is perfect for everyday use. A wide soft fleece noseband and headband disperses pressure and prevents

Coldstream Baseball Cap

RRP: £9.99
A brand new edition to the elite Coldstream riding wear collection, this baseball cap compliments the clothing range for coordinated,

Coldstream Faux Leather Body Brush

RRP: £7.99
Faux leather backed body brush with rubber edge for extra grip. Made with soft PP bristles and a nylon strap.

Coldstream Faux Leather Dandy Brush

RRP: £7.50
Faux leather backed dandy brush with rubber edge for extra grip. Made with stiff PP bristles, perfect for easy removal

Coldstream Faux Leather Face Brush

RRP: £4.00
Faux leather backed face brush with rubber edge for extra grip. Made with soft PP bristles. 12.8 x 4.3cm

Coldstream Faux Leather Hoof Pick

RRP: £5.49
Faux leather grip hoof pick with a metal pick and nylon brush for removing excess dirt.

Coldstream Faux Leather Mane and Tail Brush

RRP: £7.50
Faux leather grip mane and tail brush with a large round head and tough bristles.

Coldstream Faux Leather Sweat Scraper

RRP: £6.50
Faux leather grip sweat scraper with a tough rubber edge on one side to remove excess water from the horse’s

Coldstream Foulden Sweater

RRP: £59.99
The Foulden Sweater has been designed to be the perfect addition to your competition wardrobe. Smart enough to wear for

Coldstream Leather Padded Head Collar

RRP: £67.99
A luxurious head collar made from the finest quality leather. Featuring a soft underpadding on the nose and headpiece that

Coldstream Leitholm Quilted Gilet

RRP: £94.99
An essential, stylish and versatile gilet for any occasion and perfect to wear over a base layer! The Coldstream Leitholm

Coldstream Lennel Base Layer

RRP: £39.99
This base layer is effortlessly stylish with reflective Coldstream branding on the chest, sleeve, below the collar on the back